MGH "The 100" - Video Shines Light on Deserving Honorees

Port Lighting Systems, in collaboration with Ice 9 Productions and Rafanelli Events, designed and installed the 360-degree video and lighting experience at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Annual "The 100" Dinner. (This awareness and fundraising event celebrates hope in the Boston cancer community. The immersive experience allows all 100 deserving honorees to be recognized around the room throughout the night by all in attendance.)

We supplied and rigged the spandex shapes used for content video, which enabled content to slowly 'crawl' around the room. Ten foot circles featured the honorees' pictures, while opposing rectangles touted the honorees' accomplishments. Finally, the smaller circles were kept in the event colors in order to match the table decor and lighting scheme. (Thank you Ice 9 Productions for the 16’x9′ and 22’x10′ borderless PVC video screens.)

Ice 9 also provided 22 – 14k Christie projectors and multiple D3 servers, allowing the entire room to be video mapped in a 3D environment of pre-programmed looped content.  Once Ice 9 was on site, they were able to tweak the video map to match the physical locations of the screens. Multiple sources of video were fed into the D3 to loop honoree content so recognition videos and imag video could be played from one source.

Port Lighting provided the lighting, which included: 24 Robe Robin 1000 LED beams, 22 Martin Mac Auras, 4 Robe Robin DLSs, 140 Color Force Compacts and a variety of conventional fixtures. The lighting changed throughout the different portions of the night to match the event colors and program flow.

Port Lighting also wrapped the room in Pewter Grey Encore Velour fabric, which we then up-lit with Color Force Compact fixtures. The grey drape took color amzingly well and allowed the video content to "pop" off the wall.

The client loved how this immersive design allowed all of the honorees to be featured multiple times throughout the night on different screens.

Event Credits:

  • Event Design: Rafanelli Events
  • Production/Lighting Design: Port Lighting (Kyle Stetson)
  • Video Projection: Ice 9 Productions (Matt Geiser)
  • D3 Programming: Lucid Creative (Kyle Bjordahl)