Pedestrian Bridge Lighting Makeover

Port Lighting just finished up an architectural lighting installation at a major corporation headquarters in Boston's Metro West.

The headquarters is home to two buildings connected by a pedestrian bridge. Our client requested “shows” that can run every night as well the ability to change the look and chases for special events or holidays.

...We jumped at the chance.

We seamlessly integrated the fixtures into the existing infrastructure and fabricated a custom-built anodized aluminum channel. To do this lighting installation, we used the following equipment:

  • 530 Color Kinetics Colorfuse Power Core RGB LED fixtures

  • 1 Pharos LPC (Playback Control)

  • 1 Pharos TPC (Touch Panel Control)

The client is thrilled. They can now change the color and effects of the bridge from their touch panel controller and have a playback system that automatically changes throughout the year.