The Sensor3 Power Control system offers unparalleled power and dimming control for all fixture types. Today’s lighting systems are hybrids of all types of loads – LEDs, incandescent, arc-source movers, and sources just being invented. Sensor3 offers powerful dimming solutions for all types of fixtures while understanding that LEDs are now the dominant source.


Sensor3 Installation Enclosures

  • Ideal for professional theaters, broadcast studios, concert and performance halls, and large architectural installations

  • Standard system monitoring with diagnostic reporting, as well as dimmer-specific load reporting and diagnostics

  • High dimmer density

  • Heavy-duty, high-grade modules available in voltages for every region (120V, 230V, 240V).

  • Specialized modules offer solutions for all fixture types and applications. PhaseAdept pairs ETC’s legendary dimming quality with a feature set modern systems need. The ThruPower module allows users to switch freely between constant circuit, on/off switching with true air-gap relays, and dimming for lighting loads. Check out all our modules here.

  • RideThru - Optional accessory that holds the processor electronics through a power outage for at least 6 seconds

  • Battery Pack - Optional accessory that holds the processor electronics through a power outage for at least 30 minutes

Sensor3 Touring Racks

  • With CEM3 power control, electricians spend less time setting up the power system and more time focusing!

  • Lighting professionals trust only Sensor3 for their high-stakes concert tours and road shows - delivering the reliability and durability of permanently installed dimmers.

  • High-density modular design, fully magnetic circuit breakers, network communication, and remote-monitoring capabilities make the tour grind easier!

  • Lighted patch bays and output panels simplify setup.

  • CEM3 control module makes networking your touring systems much faster and more flexible.

  • Available in 24- and 48-dimmer module configurations.

Sensor3 Portable Packs

  • Sensor3 Portable Packs are the professional's choice for smaller touring shows, industrial rentals, compact video productions, and rehearsal spaces.

  • World-class dimming performance, industrial-strength construction, and an array of connection options.

  • Built-in dimming features that many installation racks would envy: modular design and magnetic circuit breakers.

  • Optional Advanced Features include communication and remote monitoring options.

  • Choose the control protocol you need: DMX, or Net3™/ACN.

  • Available in 6- and 12-module configurations.


SmartBar 2® gives you next-generation dimming for portable or permanent installations... without busting your budget. It provides an integrated dimming and fixture-mounting solution for compact, low-power applications, such as rentals, industrials or even small touring productions.  

Set up your system in minutes and light like a pro - just plug in and play anytime, anywhere. Schools, houses of worship, community theaters and outdoor events will benefit from SmartBar 2's easy setup. No ladder necessary!

SmartBar 2 is fully digital, with operational and programming features similar to SmartPack® - chase sequences, choice of dimmer curves - as well as many new features. And the console is optional thanks to SmartBar 2's chases and local control, but pair it with a SmartFade® lighting control console and you have the perfect production combination!  

Available with more power! A SmartBar 2 high-power option is available to handle twice the fixtures on a four-circuit bar.   


leprecon uld360 6 channel dimmer pack

When it comes to a dimmer pack you can trust, the ULD ranks as the industry leader in small portable treemount dimmer packs. Production and rental companies alike have come to rely on the ULD dimmers for a wide variety of uses. The solid design and construction assure that they will handle the most demanding conditions no matter what the environment. Schools and houses of worship will also appreciate the simple setup and rock solid performance. Choose from stage-pin, Edison or socapex output connectors.

Features include:

  • 4 & 6 channel models

  • 1800 & 3600 watt models

  • 15 amp, 1800 & 3600 watt models w/Nema 5-15 power plugs, ETL listed

  • 20 amp, 3600 watt models with 2 Nema 5-20 power plugs

  • Stage-pin, Edison or socapex outputs

  • LED Display

  • 4 programmable output settings per channel

  • Linear, non-dim, fluorescent, or fixed intensity

  • Over-temp/Over-volt protection

  • 25 amp SSR power devices for reliability

  • Encapsulated chokes for quiet operation

  • Built-in mounting bracket

Optional W-DMX by Wireless Solutions



Leprecon has gone wireless! With the help from our friends at Wireless Solutions, our ULD and LDS series dimmers can now receive DMX-512 wirelessly. We've combined the industry leaders in tree-mount dimming and wireless DMX to bring you a portable dimmer with more features and reliability than anything on the market.

Using Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) technology, the built-in receiver and stand alone transmitter continually check for interference, rapidly scanning and moving signal to clear radio channel ensuring smooth, efficient and robust operation.


Lex slim dim plus dmx 1800w single dimmer

Use one or more Slim Dimmer Plus' to balance location lighting or to dim entertainment lighting. Can also be used in situations where "one more dimmer" is needed.

Controllable using either DMX512 or a front panel fader for maximum versatility

  • Large display showing dimmer level and DMX address for easy setup

  • Durable, compact construction for long life and reliability

  • Easily hangable with a variety of hanging options

  • Can be configured as a DMX controlled electronic non-dim to remotely switch loads on and off


lex slim dim 1800w single dimmer

Provides compact portable dimming for balancing or matching lights anywhere simple dimming is required, such as television or motion picture use.

Extremely compact

  • Large, professional quality fader

  • Accurate digital control and display

  • Durable metal construction

  • Easily hangable with optional C-clamp



ADJ's DP-DMX20L is a 4 channel portable and universal DMX dimmer/switch pack. Each channel can individually be set to dim or switch and the pack can function as a one, two or four channel device. Using the packs digital display, the pack is quick and easy to set up.

There are dual Edison sockets supplied so more than one effect can be connected to each channel. There are 16 built in chase sequences, with speed and intensity control, available for your convenience. This device also has four external channel fuses which allows for quick and easy serviceability while out on the road.

Another feature we included was the sleek reversible mounting panel on the rear to make it easier to install. Also for your safety we have a zero crossing circuitry for protection of the transformer loads when switching.