Bench Rate – All Repairs

$95 per hour.


Minimum Bench Fee

A deposit of $47.50 will be required in advance for all non-warranty repairs.  


Out-of-Shop Service

A shipping fee will be charged if your repair requires out-of-shop service.



Estimates will be provided for all repairs.  There will be a $47.50 fee for all refused estimates to cover our minimum bench fee. Please be sure to provide contact information for where you can be reached.  If you cannot be reached within one month to approve or decline the estimate your repair will be considered a refused estimate.


No Problem Found

A $47.50 bench fee will be charged for repair work requested on items that are found to be working properly according to Port Lighting shop standards.  If the problem persists, this fee will be deducted from the cost of a subsequent repair. 


Road Repairs / Service Calls

We will charge one way of travel time at $95 per hour and a 4-hour minimum for all road repairs. 


Storage Fee

Repairs not picked up within 45 days from the date of completion will be charged $10 per week.


Abandon Repairs

Repairs not picked up within 120 days from the date of completion will be sold to recover the cost of the bench fee, repair, storage and selling cost. 


Port Lighting Shop Warranty

Your repair is covered for 45 days from the date of pick up, unrelated malfunctions are not covered.


Turnaround Time

Repairs are handled on a first-in, first-out basis. Once we have assessed your repair, you will be given a turnaround time along with your estimate.  Availability of parts will affect the turnaround time.