3 tier adjustable uprights

We offer a selection of slip-lock adjustable uprights that range from 3 feet to 23 feet. They are 3-tier telescoping uprights with the unique slip-lock feature that locks automatically when inner pole is raised or lowered.

We also offer a variety of upright covers to match the drapes being hung.

Sizes Available:

  • 3'-5'

  • 7'-17'

  • 9'-23'



We offer a complete selection of adjustable horizontal drape supports ranging from 3-5 feet and 9-16 feet wide. They are fully adjustable with button click tops and metal hooks at each end that slip into the uprights slotted openings. We do NOT offer V.2.0 crossbars.

Sizes Available:

  • 3'-5'

  • 6'-10'

  • 7'-12'

  • 9'-16'



Bases are offered in various sizes, weights and are the standard 3-hole plates with handles. They all include the baseplate, pin, and screw.

We also offer a variety of base covers to match the drapes being hung.

Sizes Available

  • Tech drape base (6lb)

  • 18″x18″ base (35lbs)

  • 24″x24″ base (62lbs)



Universal drape support clamp

Attaches anywhere vertically along the length of 2 piece adjustable uprights. Featuring 3 slots for drape supports and used to add an additional drape support at any length or at any angle from your existing vertical upright.


clip rod support

These Clip Rods attach to the tops of any of our standard uprights and are used for light weight banners or filling in small gaps. These do NOT work with v.2.0 uprights.


double wall back hangers

These hanging components allow the use of additional crossbars without the use of additional uprights. They mount to the top of our standard adjustable uprights and allow the attachment of 2 parallel crossbars in any or all 4 directions. These do NOT work with v.2.0 uprights.


3-way inline hangers

Our Three-Way In-Line Hanger allows for double fabric layers and banner hanging. It works with our standard adjustable uprights. These do NOT work with v.2.0 uprights.