Architectural Lighting Design


What is architectural lighting design? 

Architectural lighting design encompasses the process of deliberate and strategic planning of fixtures and systems within architectural spaces to achieve specific aesthetic, functional, and atmospheric objectives.
Elements included in the design process are:
- Concept Development
- Mockups/Lighting Design Plan
- Fixture Selection
- Lighting Controls



When using PORT for your architectural design needs, you can expect support and expertise through every step of the process. Our team has the unique capabilities to design and build your architectural lighting from the ground up using their extensive knowledge of architectural design/install.

We are happy to provide full turn-key service throughout your project, or we are happy to work with your electrician to ensure your system is installed and programmed efficiently.


What to Expect When Using PORT For Your Architectural Lighting Design

Step 1: Establishing Your Architectural Lighting Needs

The PORT design process starts with an initial call where we will discuss your needs and wants for the desired lighting and aesthetics on your building.

Some questions we may ask can include but are not limited to
whether or not your building is an existing structure, whether your building is residential or commercial, as well as what your goals and requirements are to deem this project a success. Establishing this criteria ahead of time is important as it determines how our team will proceed with the next steps.

Step 2: Site Visit From PORT

If your building is new construction and not yet complete, our site visit typically will be conducted over the phone. If your building is existing construction, our team will schedule a time with you to meet on site. This site visit is important because it allows our team to meet you, review all important design requirements, discuss options, as well as set a time to run a physical mockup.

During this site visit, our team will walk through and around your site to gather an understanding on how the building is laid out, where power comes from, as well as details that can affect the design and need to be addressed prior to any installation. All of these steps allow the conception of the requested design to be created, laid out, and achieved.

Step 3: Developing a Rendering & Mockup

Once the site visit has been conducted, our team will create a rendering or use a photo taken during the site visit and create an overlay with lighting. This process allows us to see what the outcome of the project will look like prior to confirming the design, as well as confirm customer approval. 

Following a rendering or photo overlay, our team will arrive on site
again to create a mockup.

Want to take this information with you?

 A mockup with PORT consists of our team bringing in a few different types of fixtures that we feel could work well to achieve the desired effects and test them on a small section of the structure to see which fixtures produce the best results.

This gives us an opportunity to make adjustments to the fixture
selection, and note anything that can affect the lighting such as
competing ambient light, physical obstructions, and how the actual
building surface reflects/responds to the light.
Mockups and renderings allow us to see potential problems prior to a confirmed design. Sometimes the way a lighting concept is designed on paper can be different from how it is visually perceived.

Step 4: Creating a Quote

Once we have a PORT & customer approved mockup or rendering,
our team will move into the quoting process. During this process we
will work on creating a bill of materials to help us gather a list of all
fixtures and items that are needed to complete the required design.

At PORT we can continue with this design and make it a turn-key
project where we cover the job from start to finish. Our team can
provide the design, bring in an electrician, and take care of physical
installation, commissioning, and programming. We also will provide
service and support for as long as we are needed. If you have an electrician you’d prefer to work with, we are happy to work with your chosen team to ensure the system is installed and programmed the way it needs to be.

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