When you flip a light switch, you control the lighting within a small area. Imagine being able to do the same for your entire floor, office, building, city bridge, home...

This is the simple genius of lighting control systems, allowing you to quickly, easily dictate the specific lighting settings of your unique space—whether indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, architectural or theatrical. Modern technology takes this concept further—intelligent, network-based advanced lighting controls systems (ALCs) allow you to control your lighting in intricate detail using your cell phone, computer, or tablet…from anywhere in the world.

At Port Lighting Systems, we specialize in customizing and installing these easy-to-operate advanced lighting control systems for your specific needs. Your options are virtually endless—subtle shades of white lighting, vibrant rainbows of colored lighting, wireless lighting control systems, entertainment lighting control systems, smart lighting alerts before fixtures need replacing, reminders in advance of necessary maintenance, and a wide array of increasingly popular energy-efficient options.  

In fact, your advanced lighting control system will pay for itself over time when you choose energy-saving options like LED light fixtures, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, shade controls, scheduling, dimming, personal controls, and—where available—demand response.

Whether you need us to build you a new system from scratch—recommending our favorite top-performing products—or adjust the internal communication and functionality of your current architectural lighting control system or theatrical lighting control system (we have yet to encounter equipment we can’t seamlessly integrate), our team of experienced lighting automation programmers, lighting systems integrators, and—when necessary—media server programmers are here to expertly get the job done. We can’t wait to get started.