Stage lighting is an art form we’re proud to say we’ve mastered. Whether yours is a high school auditorium, college theater, public performing arts center or church stage, we love partnering with you through the collaborative design-build process to ensure you choose the ideal equipment for your unique facility.

At Port, we get it right the first time. Every time. That’s because our designers are also installers. Our team boasts the technical know-how and years of experience to advise specific, lasting elements and create show-stopping, fully customized, theatrical lighting systems with automated show controls, dimming systems, and stage curtains your crew can easily operate.

We install it all—everything down to movable and dead-hung pipe grids and theatrical rigging—and we’re beyond meticulous at every step, following any external design specifications to the letter. From tiny theaters to stadiums, our passion is making your performances shine.



Entertainment and theatrical rigging systems move, lift, and support scenery, luminaires, and other equipment in entertainment venues.

Annual inspections of all theatrical and entertainment rigging systems—from high school and college theaters to all professional performing arts centers including TV studios, amphitheaters, arenas, and stadiums—are required to maintain warranties and meet code for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), International Building Code (IBC), and American National Standards Institute (ANSI), including: 

  • ANSI E1.22 - 2016: Fire Safety Curtain

  • ANSI E1.4-1 - 2016: Manual Counterweight Rigging Systems

  • ANSI E1.47 - 2017: Recommended Guidelines For Entertainment Rigging System Inspections

  • ANSI E1.6-1 - 2014: Powered Hoist Systems

  • IBC - 20.9.1 & Rigging Systems

Our thorough rigging inspection includes a FREE dimming inspection. In the event that repairs are necessary, our team can efficiently, swiftly, economically handle that too.

Protect your liability and keep your facility, performers, audience, and staff safe—contact Port today.

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