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What Goes Into Theatrical Lighting Design & Specification?

Theater lighting design is the art and science of creating and controlling lighting in a theatrical production or performance to enhance the visual and emotional aspects of a production.

A company creating a theatrical lighting design & specification will collaborate closely with the technical and creative teams of a venue to understand and devise a lighting plan/design specification that empowers the space to achieve its intended function.

Elements included in the design process are:

- Selection/placement of lighting fixtures

- Selection of control

- Lighting Plot

- Design specification to include a rigging system





When using PORT for your theatrical lighting design and specification needs, you can expect support and expertise through every step of the process.

Our team has the unique capabilities to design and build your theatrical lighting installation from the ground up using our extensive knowledge of theatrical lighting installation & theatrical lighting design.


What to Expect When Using PORT For Your Theatrical Lighting Design & Specification

Step 1: Establishing Your Needs

The process begins with an initial conversation during which we will seek information about the project which includes, but is not limited to the type of space, general requirements for the space, and whether it is a new or existing venue.

Step 2: Site Visit From PORT

After an initial conversation to establish your needs, our team will schedule an on-site visit of your facility. During this site visit, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment, which includes, but is not limited to:

- Understanding the unique features of the space

- Taking critical measurements

- Evaluating the existing elements within the space

- Confirming the location of power sources

- Inspecting any pre-existing rigging

- Providing recommendations as needed

Following the site visit, our team will move forward to craft a proposal that is tailored to meet the requirements for designing and specifying your project.

The proposal encompasses the following services:

- Selection of approved equipment

- Comprehensive drawings displaying installation details and all necessary information

- Equipment specifications & quantity of necessary meetings

- The included number of site visits & hours required

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Step 3: Creating & Insuring Your System

 Upon approval of the proposal, our team will initiate the process of creating your lighting plot and design specification. Throughout the development of your plot and specification, our team will work to ensure that your specification aligns with your space’s design requirements.

During the installation process our team will make periodic visits to the site to ensure precise adherence to the design specification. Following the installation’s completion, we will perform an inspection to verify that everything installed conforms to the specification. Once approved, the project will be complete.

At PORT we are not only designers but also an installation company, which gives us a deep understanding of the installation and design process.

Our team stays well-informed on the latest equipment through strong partnerships with our manufacturers, ensuring our knowledge is current and up-to-date.

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