What goes into lighting production services?

Lighting Production Services, or (LPS) is the process of developing a lighting design for live event lighting or production lighting and providing the required lighting equipment and personnel for the on-site set up, operation, and break down of the lighting system.

Elements included in the lighting design process & lighting production process include:

  • Planning meetings and site inspections
  • Creating a lighting design and plot
    (We are also happy to work with your
    independent lighting designer to provide
    the supporting lighting services)
  • On-site installation, operation and break
  • Ensuring all proper safety protocols are

Optional services depending on the needs of the project: 

  • Renderings
  • Pre-visualization videos
  • Pre-programming

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PORT’s team includes many innovative Lighting Designers & Programmers who have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and producing high-quality event lighting productions. We provide our services not only throughout New England, but anywhere in the USA!

When working with PORT, we assign one of our experts who will work with you throughout the entire process.

PORT is constantly researching and adding the latest lighting equipment and supporting technology to our extensive inventory.


What to expect when calling on PORT for your Lighting Production Services

 Step 1: Getting Started

When calling PORT to begin your lighting production process, we typically recommend a ‘look book’ or photos to give us a feel of what the event will look like. We do not require this; however, having ideas and concepts ready of your vision is helpful.

After your inquiry, you can expect a PORT team member to schedule a meeting to go over these concepts. During this call we will need to know which venue you selected along with the requested dates to ensure our team is available.

Some other questions you can expect to hear from us can include your overall lighting needs, and what is expected from our team. We will typically request a rough floor plan as this will help us understand what you’re setting up inside the space.

Step 2: Site Visit

Once we have met and have a good understanding of what you’re looking for, our team will schedule a site visit to check the characteristics of your venue. We will also need to identify any special needs that are venue-specific which includes but is not limited to dimensions/locations of power, where we can hang and place fixtures, as well as rules of the venue.

At PORT we have the capability of providing Boston event lighting or lighting your event nation-wide. No matter your location, our team will be on-site to ensure all logistics are covered and ready for your event.

Step 3: Quoting & Preparation

Once we have conducted a site visit, our team moves into the process of putting together a lighting plan/price quote. Once this quote has been approved, we typically request a production schedule to go over the order of when all vendors arrive to ensure we are scheduled to get our work done without overlapping with your other vendors during load-in/load-out.

If requested, our team will provide renderings as well as pre-visualization services prior to load-in to ensure all concepts are approved. We can also provide pre-programming services to get all lighting cues and looks ready prior to load-in which is very helpful if there is a tight timeline at the venue.

Step 4: Show Time

At PORT the same expert that started this journey with you will be on-site and your go-to person throughout the process of load in, working with all other players for a cohesive setup.

Once the lighting system is fully operational, we will focus and program all lighting cues, then run a lighting check to show you all the looks and make any needed adjustments until you love what you see. When the show starts, we will have an experienced operator at the lighting control board from start to finish to ensure all lighting looks and cues are executed at the right time to ensure a flawless event.

At the conclusion of your event, our team will break down all lighting equipment while working with you and your vendors for a cohesive and safe load out.

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