What is Production Design?

Production Design encompasses the process of taking all visual and audio aesthetics of an event production from their first conception into a ready-to-build blueprint. Every element of an event environment has been touched by a Production Designer.
A production designers job is to take an idea and turn it into a reality by creating step-by-step specifications on how to build an event.
Elements of production design included in the design process are:
- Audio/Visual
- Rigging
- Scenic Elements



When using PORT for your Production Design needs, you can expect support and expertise through every step of the process. Our designers have the unique capabilities to design your idea from the ground up.

Our team takes their extensive knowledge of rigging/lighting, and applies that expertise into every aspect of the technical design. 


What to Expect When Using PORT For Your Production Design

Step 1: Establishing Your Virtual Venue Space

The Production Design process starts with our team requiring  a 2D schematic of your event venue. This schematic will be used to build a virtual space of your venue for our rendering and pre-visualization software.

If a 2D schematic is not readily available,  PORT will schedule a site visit to create one. Once this schematic is created, we will convert it into a 3D virtual event space.

Step 2: Creating Your Rendering

After a virtual space is established, PORT is able to add various production elements including but not limited to video and scenic lighting using the software Unreal Engine. This software allows our team to provide renderings, animation, and video playback to establish what your event will look like prior to being built.

Throughout this process our team can either produce a video that shows all the different technical aesthetic looks, or we can schedule a video call to share the screen and walk you through the rendering.

The benefit to a video call with the PORT team is this allows you to walk through your event and update any colors, graphics, or layouts in real-time. PORT will work with you until you love what your event looks like.

PORT offers the ability to adjust the technical aesthetics per budget as well as offer the option to create a rendering of not only indoor events but outdoor events as well.

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Step 3: Your Technical Drawing

Once the rendering is approved, our team will move onto the creation of a technical drawing. This process includes us loading in all of our information from the approved renderings into a computer.

Our team uses this information to create a step-by-step guide on how to physically set up your event. This includes all technical aesthetics of the event including but not limited to lighting, AV, and rigging. Once this guide is established our PORT team will have it approved by structural engineers. Once this approval is made, the design is ready to be built!

Step 4: Creating the Pre-Visualization

After the event design is approved, our production design team will move on to creating a pre-visualization. This visualization allows PORT to import all established information from the technical drawing into our computer software. Using this software we have the ability to integrate our lighting consoles and program your event. The benefit to pre-visualization is that the lighting aspects are designed and ready to go right away once our team arrives on-site to set up your event.

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