Technical Production Management


What is technical production management?

Technical Production Management, or (TPM), encompasses the process of taking all visual and audio aesthetics of an event production from their ready-to-build blueprint all the way through to the real-time production of an event.

A TPM’s job is to manage all technical elements required to bring the technical production to life.

Elements included in the TPM process are:

- Audio/Visual

- Rigging

- Lighting Elements

- Scenic Elements

- Power


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PORT’s team includes many TPM experts who have extensive knowledge in audio/visual & rigging elements, not to mention our expertise is in lighting.

When working with PORT, we assign one of our experts who will be with you through the entire technical management process from start to finish. Our team will provide the lighting and bring in all other elements pertaining to the Technical Production Management.

At PORT we pride ourselves in providing one-on-one service from our experts who can take your project from the Production Design stage all the way through the management phase to the ending of your event production.


What to Expect When Using PORT For Your Technical Production Management on Your Event Production

Step 1: TPM is supplied with a Design Specification

To begin the Technical Production Management and production planning process our team will need a Production Design.

If you do not have one yet, our team can build yours. Once the approved Production Design is acquired, our team will work to hire, schedule, and manage any and all technical aspects of your event from start to finish.

At PORT we can hire all needed vendors, or we are happy to use any of your preferred technical vendors. Our team has connections across the United States, and we use these to ensure that only the best technical vendors work on your event.

Step 2: TPM Brings in all needed elements

Once all technical vendors are established and scheduled, you will work with one of our Technical Production Managers who will help bring in and manage all needed elements.

Our Managers are experts in Production Design, and this expertise is extremely helpful in managing all technical aspects of an event.

At PORT we have a large inventory of state of the art lighting equipment. Our fleet of PORT trucks can capably get all needed equipment anywhere in the country.

Step 3: Your event is built/finished successfully

Your TPM will manage the technical production setup of your event and will take into account any requested changes or final thoughts to ensure that your event is a success. Your PORT TPM will be with you all the way through to the breakdown of your event.


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