Theatrical Lighting Installation


What Goes Into Theatrical Lighting Installation?

A permanent theatrical lighting and stage lighting installation refers to the setup of lighting systems in a theater or performance venue that are intended to stay in place for an extended period of time. These permanent installations are designed to provide consistent, reliable, and flexible lighting solutions for a wide range of performances.

A theatrical lighting installation company serves as an important partner in a theatrical production by offering expertise in lighting design, equipment supply, installation, programming, commissioning, maintenance, and technical support.

Elements included in the process are:

- Rigging System Installation

- Lighting System Installation

- Lighting Control System Installation & Integration

- Safety Inspections & Compliance


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When using PORT for your theatrical lighting installation needs, you can expect support and expertise through every step of the process.

Our team has the unique capabilities to design and build your lighting installation from the ground up using our extensive knowledge of theatrical lighting installation & theatrical lighting design.


What to Expect When Using PORT For Your Theatrical Lighting Installation

Step 1: Establishing Your Needs

The process begins with an initial call in which we will explore your installation requirements.

Within this conversation, we will inquire whether you already have a design specification or lighting plot. If you don’t have one prepared, our design team will gladly assist in its creation. Having a lighting plot or design specification is of paramount importance for theatrical lighting installations.

Step 2: Site Visit From PORT

Once a lighting plot or design specification has been finalized, our team will schedule an on-site visit of your facility. During this site visit, our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment, which includes, but is not limited to:

- Understanding the unique features of the space

- Confirming critical measurements

- Evaluating the existing elements within the space

- Confirming the location of power sources

- Inspecting any pre-existing rigging

- Providing recommendations as needed

After the site visit, our team will proceed to formulate a quote or proposal that aligns with the needs of the project.

Step 3: Procuring Equipment

Upon approval of the quote, our team will initiate the procurement of all required equipment. PORT has partnerships with various manufacturers, enabling us to offer the most suitable products for your specific requirements at competitive prices.

Step 4: Installing Your System

 As the equipment arrives, our team will meticulously inspect each item to confirm its alignment with the design specification and the order. PORT is committed to safeguarding your equipment from the moment of ordering throughout the entire installation process.

Our team will coordinate with your schedule to ensure that all essential tasks are accomplished within the agreed upon time frame. In the case of new theater construction, we can install particular areas as they become accessible. For existing theater structures, installation can proceed according to a mutually agreed upon timeline.  Regardless of scheduling demands, our team is dedicated to meeting them.

After setting an installation date, our team will undertake pre-configuration of the acquired equipment, aiming to complete as much preparation as possible before arriving on-site. The objective of this pre-configuration process is to maximize our efficiency at your facility.

Our team will transport all required equipment diligently and proceed with the installation as per the provided specifications, strictly adhering to mandated safety protocols.

Upon completion of the installation, our team will perform system commissioning to guarantee the entire installation operates correctly and aligns with all mandatory safety standards.

Post installation, we can schedule preventative maintenance visits and safety inspections tailored to the particular system we have installed.

At PORT, we take great pride in maintaining a dedicated in-house installation team, comprised of skilled experts to ensure your installation will serve you well for many years to come.

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