Event Lighting & Production

Our event lighting and production services include:

Galas. Fundraisers. Conferences. Concerts. Weddings. Presidential Inaugurations. Whatever unique challenge your event presents, PORT will bring it to light in dazzling fashion.

Whether we’re tasked with just Lighting Production Services, Production Design, Technical Production Management, or all of the above, we love that our clients consider us partners throughout the collaborative event development process. No matter the size of your celebration, from an intimate gathering to a city-wide festival, we promise our meticulous attention to detail will shine through as we strive to exceed your expectations in achieving your desired WOW factor. We work everywhere thanks to our network of carefully identified national and global partners. Wherever your project is, so is PORT.

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Lighting Production Services

What Goes Into Lighting Production Services?

Lighting Production Services, or (LPS) is the process of developing a lighting design for an event or show and providing the required lighting equipment and personnel for the on-site setup, operation, and breakdown of the lighting system.

Elements included in the LPS process include:

  • Planning meetings and site inspections
  • Creating a lighting design and plot (We are also happy to work with your independent lighting designer to provide supporting lighting services)
  • On-site installation, operation, and breakdown. 
  • Ensuring all proper safety protocols are followed.

Optional services depending on the needs of the project:

  • Renderings
  • Previsualization videos
  • Pre-programming

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What Is The Process of Lighting Production Services? 

It all starts with a brainstorming of ideas and concepts to identify the desired look and feel for the event or show to create a lighting design. The next step is to create a lighting plot which is a blueprint that shows the selected lighting fixtures, locations, control channel, and circuiting information.

The lighting plot is used to generate the paperwork needed for shop preparation and on-site installation including load-in, rigging, hang, focus, programming, show run, and break down.

Production Design

What Is Production Design?

Production Design encompasses the process of taking all visual and audio aesthetics of an event production from their first conception into a ready-to-build blueprint. Every element of an event environment has been touched by a Production Designer.

A Production Designers job is to take an idea and turn it into a reality by creating step-by-step specifications on how to build an event.

Elements included in the design process are:

  • Audio/Visual
  • Rigging 
  • Lighting Elements
  • Scenic Elements

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What Is The Process of Production Design? 

The Production Design process mapping typically starts out as a broad idea and eventually funnels into great detail by the end of the process. The process begins with a requested theme. It is the designer's job to take this theme into account when mapping out all technical aspects of the design.

The designer starts out with physical sketches that eventually turn into virtual renderings and pre-visualizations. The customer can then review what their event aesthetic will look like and make preferred adjustments prior to the physical setup. The beauty of Production Design is that an event can be pre-visualized and all aspects tweaked until the perfect design is achieved.

Once the renderings have been agreed on by both the customer and designer, these virtual environments are translated into blueprints. These can then be passed onto a Technical Production Manager who proceeds with managing and building the design. Production Design is an essential part of the process for creating any type of event, no matter the size or scale.

What Is Technical Production Management?

Technical Production Management, or (TPM), encompasses the process of taking all visual and audio aesthetics of an event from its ready-to-build blueprint all the way through to the real-time production of an event.

A TPM’s job is to manage all technical elements required to bring the technical production to life.

Elements included in the TPM process are:

  • Audio/Visual
  • Rigging
  • Lighting Elements
  • Scenic Elements
  • Power Distribution

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What Is The Process of Technical Production Management? 

The Technical Production Management process comes after the Production Design process. The TPM uses a blueprint of the design to build the technical aspects of the event.

The process begins with the TPM taking all information provided and bringing in all needed elements for the production. It is the manager's job to provide the turnkey services for all technical elements required to bring the production to life. The manager starts out by bringing in all the required elements, managing these elements, and ensuring the entire event runs smoothly from setup to takedown.