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The Importance of Architectural Lighting Controls and Programming

Learn more about our work at 103 CityPoint, and the importance of architectural lighting integration, programming, and lighting controls.

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April 2024 -

103 CityPoint Waltham, MA

Purpose Of The Space

103 CityPoint in Waltham, MA, crafted by TRIA, stands as a cutting-edge life science building, developed under the stewardship of BXP. It represents a pioneering approach in its field, aligning with the contemporary market preference of integrating manufacturing facilities within the same premises as research and office spaces.

This innovative concept is prominently showcased in the building’s exterior design, which leverages rigid geometry and heightened clearances in the manufacturing segment as its core architectural elements. Unlike traditional manufacturing facilities characterized by nondescript warehouses, this facility embraces a unified and aesthetically cohesive design, with a deliberate emphasis on functionality and modernity (TRIA, 2022).

Integration Process

Photo by: Raj Das Photography

Exterior Lighting at 103 CityPoint in Waltham MA

Engaged in this project through our partnership with BXP alongside Interstate Electric we were assigned the responsibility of addressing and programming all fixtures while also establishing the necessary controls. 

When we joined the project, the fixtures were grouped into seven zones or large color blocks, unable to produce rainbow or gradient colors. Our integration process required us to carefully address each fixture and develop a detailed building map to guarantee the proper circulation of lighting effects throughout the structure.

This mapping procedure commences in 3D and shifts to 2D, allowing for centralized control of all lights via a virtual map and enabling the effortless execution of various color variations.

All of the fixtures on 103 CityPoint set into only 7 zones.


All of the fixtures on this building after being addressed and programmed by PORT.

Photo by: Raj Das Photography

Lighting on 103 CityPoint building in Waltham MA lighting control system

Technologies Used 

Our team supplied a Pharos Controller for this project. Ultimately this controller will be integrated into the BXP network, granting them the capability to remotely manage the building’s color settings. Additionally, we supplied extra DMX distribution to rezone the fixtures, enabling us to achieve the precise control resolution required for displaying a vibrant range of colors.

The improved resolution of the fixtures enhances the building’s visibility and aesthetics, allowing us to creatively manipulate different areas to create captivating visual effects.

Challenges Faced

The project featured installed fixtures from various manufacturers, resulting in different color hues depending on the manufacturer. Our team dedicated time to ensure color consistency across all fixtures, addressing the variations and achieving a color match.

In addition to color matching, our team also focused on aligning fixture intensities. Each fixture has a different intensity when first turned on, which, if not matched properly, could lead to hot spots on the building. Therefore, we meticulously adjusted the intensities to ensure uniform lighting without any discrepancies.

Fixtures prior to intensity match.




Beyond architectural lighting design and architectural lighting installation, our team excels in programming and integrating systems with controls as well as lighting control system design for easy remote operation. Whether your project requires sustainable design, daylight management, light harvesting, human-centric lighting, or compliance with dark-sky regulations, we are equipped to incorporate any of these elements into your unique architectural lighting system.

Photo by: Raj Das Photography

103 CityPoint in Waltham MA exterior lighting

For more on 103 CityPoint Ave in Waltham MA (Tria, 2022).

Architect: Tria Architects

Lighting Designer: Sladen Feinstein

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