When the show must go on but in-person events aren’t an option, Port Lighting is still here for you.

PORT-LOGOWe are excited to introduce PortLIVE—our Virtual Event Production service made possible in collaboration with Ice9 Productions. Through the magic of video conferencing technology, with just your computer, phone or tablet and an Internet connection (or the optional upgrade of professional equipment delivered to you, contact-free), you and your guests can enjoy a polished, professional virtual event courtesy of our technical production wizards—no matter where you are in the world.

Whether your unique event is a gala, fundraiser, conference, commencement, concert, wedding, Mitzvah, or convention, PortLIVE will bring it to life—without you ever having to leave home.

Your event is fully customized to meet your needs, and options range from simple web conference management to highly sophisticated virtual events with one or multiple 3D environments custom-built for your presenters to exist and interact in. Whether your event setting is a theater, house, office, conference room, studio, stadium, or the moon, your custom virtual environment options are truly endless.

Ask your event planner to add further dimension to your virtual event by delivering catering and creative event items to your guests.

For you and your guests, the live event experience will be effortless, while our expert team works behind the scenes, seamlessly transitioning between virtual settings while speakers broadcast live from wherever they are across the globe. Your guests will swear they’ve been transported.


Our collaborative team of creative and technical experts will work closely with you from moment one to help develop your virtual vision, manage show flow, and guide you through every step of our virtual event process.

  • state-of-the-art production facilities with speaker green rooms

  • broadcast-quality A/V equipment, streaming, recording, & editing

  • professional video production, graphics, & content services

  • green screens (allowing top-quality virtual backgrounds)

  • endless virtual environment options

  • LED video wall backgrounds

  • high-speed internet with backups to ensure a smooth feed



You can alternatively host your Hybrid Event live, with limited in-person guests, and add a virtual, live-streamed component so you can still invite and include your entire guest list.


Wherever your project is, so is Port. We can’t wait to make your unique virtual gathering an event your guests will never forget.

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